I went down to Virginia Beach, VA to be with my cousins when their mom passed away after a long battle with cancer.  My brother and I were both born in Virginia Beach.  My grandfather's old house is down the street and the duck park where I ate poisonous mushrooms (and hence created an inescapable family story)  is around the corner.  My brother was born in the room where Savi and I sat down for a late night interview. 

17 year old Savi answers the Impossible Question: "What is love?" on September 18th, 2013 in Virginia Beach, VA.
My mom didn’t sing me lullabies.
If I woke up from a nightmare, mom would lie down next to me and hold my hand.

She would say:

”Close your eyes.
We are on a beach and the waves are flowing up past our ankles.
Feel the sand melt between your toes.
Your hand is in mine.
We laugh. Look up at the sky.
See the clouds?
We walk a little deeper. The water is warm. “

She would paint a picture of us together until I fell asleep. There was never an ending. She would just keep going until I fell asleep.
— Savi, 9/18/13

I asked Savi what question she would ask people if she were doing the Impossible Questions Tour.

Savi told me to ask people about love.   

So here we go.... 


Do you remember your first love?


Who/What/When/Where/Why? Was it love at first sight? What did it feel like?
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