When I describe Impossible Questions Tour people often ask me "what are impossible questions?"  For me, they are questions that most people have to answer for themselves, but it is impossible to prove the answer right (or wrong).

Here are a couple of the bad boys.  The interviews may include all, some or none of the below quandaries.  I conduct the interviews as conversations, led by what subjects interest me and the interviewee.   If you read these and find yourself answering them in your mind, why not answer them for real and send me your thoughts?

 (I reserve the right to share your responses (attributed to your chosen pseudonym) on the Impossible Questions Tour facebook page.

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Feel free to use a pseudonym or your super hero name of choice. WARNING: answers may be posted. Because you are interesting and your thoughts are important.
Do you know anyone who has this relationship?
If yes, does everyone have the same purpose? How do you know when you find your purpose?