Professional me

Professional me



Hi, this is me, Corianna (Moffatt).



All over.  

The first traveling installation of the project started in Boston, MA and covered more than 30 cities and 12 states down the East Coast and through the Deep South, ending in Nashville, TN over 4 months of buses, trains, and carpools. Now, the project exists wherever I am (currently NYC).  I am still interviewing, still editing, and still asking questions.  

Contact me if you would like to be interviewed at

Impossible Questions Tour route (August-December, 2013)

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...but the first traveling part of the trip took place from August, 2013-December, 2013.  All of the interviews are dated and located.   


The interviews take anywhere from one to two hours, but are edited down to a few segments anywhere from 3-5 minutes long.  I audio record the entire interview and take photos.  If there is time and, if the participant is willing, I record video as well.  

But how was this funded?

I used my savings from two years of two jobs and hard work, along with the generous donations from friends, artists, and adventurers to fund my travel....speaking of which...