Before I began my trip, I asked my friend Aimee Rose to sit down with me and put me in the interviewee chair so I could get a sense of what it feels like to be on the other side of these Impossible Questions.  I'll share my responses to the questions at the end of the tour, however, I can share this with you now.  One of my final requests of the interviewee is to record them singing a lullaby from their childhood. 

I found out that Aimee Rose's "Pillow Time" is a version from the Monkees' song of the same name.  You can listen to their version here


Lullabies are a look into our childhood, but also a glimpse into our history.  They can be silly, romantic, dark.  In some cases they trace back to countries we've never set foot on, but that our ancestors called home.  They are all a loving connection between grown-ups and children.

What are your lullabies?