I feel I am a strong person and I think I owe all of that to my mother.
My mother (as I said)
was a very strong woman, very honest, very decent kind of human being.
And she told me things - I came to this world with a lot of good blessings.
She gave me a roadmap, if you will,
for a life she never suspected I was going to have to live.
— Enrique, 9/7/13

Enrique immigrated from Cuba when Fidel Castro came to power.  When the communist regime claimed his family property, Enrique and his parents began the process of getting permission from the government to leave for Miami.  Enrique hasn't been back to Cuba since he left.  

On his mother's bravery...


Enrique lives in Western New York state and is a retired correctional facility psychologist.  His time working with inmates left him with deep impressions regarding the nature of humanity and our relation to good and evil. 

There are people
who are bad to the core
and there is no redemption.”
— Enrique, 9/7/13




While in Rochester, my hosts took me on a bike tour of the city.  I learned about the high crime rate, the new young population brought by the thriving universities in Rochester and the low living expense.  The graffiti caught my eye in the unused subway systems.  We ended the day at Genesee Brewery, named for the Genessee river that runs through town.  The deck showed off a deep gorge, active train tracks, a failed attempt at inserting a night life district into the city, and dilapidated buildings that were too weak to be remodeled for modern use and too imbedded in the rock foundation to for cost effective and safe removal.