Tom and one of Tom's many fantastic sculptures.

Tom and one of Tom's many fantastic sculptures.

Meet Tom.  Lenox native.  His family has lived here for generations.  He is an artist, music fan and glass excavator.  He told me a ghost story...

Meet Tom's giant green bean (See Below Slide Show).  It hangs from a tree at his outdoor shop in Lenox, MA.  On a quiet days when there is no breeze, the bean will swing violently as though it's been pushed.  There is an old brick house next 20 yards away.  Many years ago the family living in the house lost there son, "Lucio".  They buried him in the backyard.  The gravestone is now kept in the cellar of a nearby building.   

Tom also sells hunks of glass he digs up from the old glassworks site in Lenox.  The old disposal system of unusable glass was chucking it out the window.  Tom delightfully gave me a piece.  It weighs about 2 lbs, a bit much to add to my human-sized backpack, but I'm sure my kind hosts will keep it safe for me when I move on.  The glass is a brilliant deep green made from quartz sand.  The glassworks closed in 1872 (this glass is older than any of my grandparents).  Thanks Tom!  

Who is this man?

Mystery man with a mysterious task...

Mystery man with a mysterious task...

Last seen at St. Ann's Cemetery Thurs., Sept. 29th around 3:30pm.

I was walking through this cemetery, cause that's you know, a fun thing to do, and the only other person in the cemetery was a blind man who walking among the headstones pulling up flags.  As soon as he had a handful he would set them down by a large tree then went back into the field.  WHY?  

Feel free to email me with answers/hypotheses at . 

Shakespeare and Impossible Questions to come...

... you thought they were coming then WRENCH - Pittsfield phone thief strikes.

The phone was gone.  I sat and stared at iCloud on my computer for 36 hours, watching the blinking dot in Pittsfield turn on and off.  The battery slowly died, and my texts and calls remained unanswered.  The whole experience was weird, infuriating and distressing on MY THIRD DAY ON THE ROAD.  Is this a test?  Is the universe laughing at my question: "Are there bad people in the world?"   

Even though it was my phone that was gone - I felt lost.  I ended up emailing Sarah Hepola, the author of the online article "Every Woman Should Travel Alone" .  Take a look at the article then see the correspondence below.