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The Moth.  

I have listened to every single story.  Can you match that? 

Current favorite: Andrew Solomon's A Time Of Hope.  It's Andrew's story of going to war torn Afghanistan in search of art, despite being told that there was no art left in Afghanistan after the Taliban's rule.  Guess what? Art!

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This American Life.  

You love Ira, and so do I. 

The This American Life team is half investigative reporting, half story-telling.  They curate big and small stories around a specific theme every week. 

This is a short story by Richard Bausch, read by Mr. Bausch for the Valentine's Day 1998 episode.  It's called Letter To The Lady Of The House.   

get your oral history fix


A massive oral history program, recording stories through traveling mobile booths, and stations across the country (maybe even near you!)

This StoryCorps clip is about a father and son who needed each other.  It is aptly entitled, "Why do you care so much for a stranger?'

Here is one about a young woman taking charge of her life.




Milton is a performance piece created by PearlDamour (Katie Pearl and Lisa D'Amour).  They have been interviewing residents of five small-town "Milton"s located across the USA.  Their project website includes interviews, questions, Milton community engagement, and beautiful photographs of the sky over the various Miltons.