Why are you all digging around in the mud?
can’t you see that this world is filled with beautiful flowers and things unseen that are just astounding? And isn’t life just a miracle?

Isn’t it just - oh my god - don’t you wake up excited?
And if not, why not?

okay i can’t do a lot of stuff
okay i might die sooner than i would have if I didn’t have cancer

who cares?

there is just so much
there is so much I can do from this couch (laughs)
all of a sudden you wake up in life
this is what I try to teach Eryn and Maureen, over and over again
trust yourself, trust yourselves
just go for it

you are born creators
you are here to create worlds
you are born to change the world
you are born to take it and create it
you can do anything you want

if your brain says “oh you can’t do that.”
That’s ridiculous - laugh at it.
— Ann 12/1/2013
Ann and her daughter, Eryn.

Ann and her daughter, Eryn.


I visited with Ann and her daughter, Eryn, at her house in Canton, outside of Atlanta.  The house was full of windows and light.  She had been battling cancer for almost a year at the time and had chosen a holistic healing path.  

On her first memory...

On time...

Advice for you...

Eryn and I also took the time to record some lullabies Ann used to sing to her and her sister when they were little.  

Eryn shares an Irish lullaby her mother, Ann, used to sing to her.

Eryn remembers an Irish lullaby her mom used to sing to her about a saucy sailor and the lass he met on the beach.