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$$$$ Part Deux

I spent a thousand dollars without leaving my apartment by 11:30am this morning. 

(In case this is unclear. I am using all of my savings on this project.  It is no small thing for me to spend this money.) 

What I got: 

1. A dslr camera. 

2. A ZOOM audio recorder with lavalier mic capabilities (plus insurance).

3. This website. 




$$$$ faint

I bought a new computer.  I laid my old PC Mr. Sunshine to rest (named Mr. Sunshine as he was brought into the world to brighten my day after my previous laptop was stolen in a break in.)  I was at the Apple store.  Go big or go home right?  In and out, 15 minutes, add a couple zeros to that number and remove it from my savings, yes, Mr. Apple.  

Me: "I think I'm going to faint." 

Computer Genius: "I know what you mean.  I bought a house yesterday and signed my life away.  You should get Apple Care."