I am one month on the road.  I have met many people.  Trains are my familiar environment.  No, I don't talk to people on the trains.  Well, yes I do, but I generally seek out the quiet car to get work done and limit my talking to the friendly food car hosts (so far they have ALL been friendly.)     

I have done 15 on tape interviews, and had many more off the record.  Here are the most common responses I receive when I explain the project and ask someone if they would like to do an interview:

"Oh, no... 

...I'm too shy." 

...I have nothing to say." 

...You don't want to talk to me." 

...I'm not interesting enough." 

So.  Who are these "Interesting People" I should be talking to?  When I was preparing for the project my brother told me, "Corianna, you have no right to decide who is interesting and who isn't."  Thanks, Grey, you straight shooter, you.  Everyone has stories.  It's not my business if they don't want to share them, but I hope they can own them instead of devaluing them.  

Tell your stories, and listen to others.