While the fiasco of the phone is a good story with an overall resolved ending (I have a new phone and am back on the road), I received news Sunday that a high school friend died on Friday in a climbing accident.  He was on a climb with friends in Wyoming and a cliff he landed on crumbled beneath him.  There was nothing anyone could have done to prevent his death.

His story is a good one.  Though we lost touch after school, I can only imagine that Kevin's adventurous spirit, wild childness and kindness continued with him.  I remember him in his polo shirts and then in his girl jeans with his gages and when he died his red hair black.  I cast Kevin in a play I wrote and directed as a senior in high school.  He worked hard, played hard.  He was a leader on the soccer team.

One other thing that always stood about Kevin as we grew in Pullman middle school and high school (The photo is of Kevin and gang on the last day of high school.  He is wearing the red bandana on the far right.)  He loved deeply and fully.  I have not met his wife, but I am so happy that he found someone wonderful to commit to love, honor and cherish.  

When death comes I wonder about the power of prayer.  I don't pray, at least not in the understood Christian way.  But when my family lost my Uncle Roger and my Cousin Jaime, I did find it comforting when other people told me they would add Jaime, Roger or the whole family to their prayers.   It was not the act of prayer I appreciated, instead their effort and their belief that their prayer would do something.  And maybe it did.  So I will keep Kevin and his family in my thoughts.

Nothing like the loss of a friend to show how unimportant the material loss of a phone is. 

Love you Kevin.