My backpack weighs as much as I do.  Looks like I'm gonna be sending a 12th box home - on the chopping list: non-perishable parmesan cheese (specifically for popcorn), mini cheese board, and half of my clothes.  What's the point of not having a job if I'm still going to change my clothes every day?  Nope.  I REJECT SOCIETY.  These clothes are staying on my body.

NEED: Running shoes. Fast, light, built for speed.  Black.

I shipped my belongings to Nashville, TN.  11 boxes. Total cost: $266.68.  See you in December goldfish cup, rain boots, 19th century harp tapestry and paper airplane cut out book.

 First stop: Lennox, MA.  My friend and mentor Paula Langton is out there performing with Shakespeare & Co.  Paula helped me through some tough times last year.  She and her husband took me in for a much needed break.  I'll always remember one of our conversations that was instrumental to the beginning of this project.  We were at Ole restaurant in Inman Sq. I think I just asked her "Why?  What is the point of it all?"  She talked about the importance of creation: art, science, life, but also that it was about the simple things - little acts of kindness, whatever it takes to get by.

Back to the bus.  It's packed.  I think we left 18ppl at South Station.  Good thing the bus driver took pity on me and my body bag.