It must be summer in Boston.  I decided to walk from the South End to my place in Somerville after a long day.

 Adventure followed: I ran into a summer arts festival in Copley Square.   I heard a woman sing a beautiful version of Hallelujah.  No idea who she was.  Met a man and walking his daughter's 13 year dachshund.  Him and his wife just moved from Ohio.  I walked across the river.  Heard a couple fight about what to do if the girl didn't get into grad school in the city.  Then I stumbled upon chalk art.  Someone had been drawing  the outline of an object's shadow earlier in the day.  It is the perfect visual representation of time passing.  There were trees, fire hydrants, steet signs, there were even people, even some children reaching up.  It was across the MIT section of Mass Ave.  RIght in front of one of MIT's most impressive buildings, with tall pillars and ominous steps, there was a chalked outline of Trayvon Martin.