My father is a singer songwriter.  He carries small pocket spiral notebooks so he always as something to catch a thought with.  I remember re-enacting to his murder ballad "A Red Rose For Lisa" with my younger brother in front of the family fireplace in Nashville.  I have held on to different songs of his through different times in my life, but whenever I feel far from home his song "Slow Moving Freight Train" runs on repeat in my brain and I find lines from it falling out of my mouth when I walk down the street.

The other song stuck in my head these days is that old song Misty.  I find myself singing the first line "Look at me.  I'm as helpless as a kitten up a tree." and then stopping immediately, because I don't want to be singing the words "I'm helpless" walking down the streets of a strange city.

I am interested in music.  It has been challenging to find people to share lullabies with me on the journey.  I realize I am asking people to share a private memory with me.  Although, guess what?  Everything I ask is socially private.  Do parents sing to children anymore?  Are lullabies part of a fading generation?  

If you have a lullaby that your parents, grandparents, babysitters sang to you, or you have sung to children, I invite you to let me know.  I would like to collect as many as I can.  They can be half gibberish, plays on pop songs, made up songs, or just melodies - I'm all ears! 

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