My last bout as the casting director for Company One was finalizing casting for the world premiere of Kirsten Greenidge's Splendor.   (If you don't know who Kirsten is, YOU SHOULD.  If you don't know who Company One is, YOU SHOULD.  Here is the dramaturgy blog for cool info and pictures of chipmunks dressed as pilgrims.)  Over the summer we hosted a number of developmental readings for Kirsten (playwright), Ilana (dramaturg), and Shawn (director).  One of the questions Ilana would ask the room full of actors, designers and staff members was "what does Thanksgiving mean to you?"

I have never thought about Thanksgiving as much as I have this summer (now fall, right 85 degree Philly?)  Mainly because my biggest question is WHERE WILL I BE?  And who will let me crash their family's Thanksgiving?  When Thanksgiving is a time for family, where is there room for a stranger?

I experience generosity every day on the road, but I'm nervous about finding a place for Thanksgiving.  How do I ask someone to include me?   

I guess I'm asking