Corianna is (was) a Boston based theatre artist originally from Nashville, TN.  Here's what you need to know:

C for casting - I ran it at Company One in Boston.  Also, the first letter of my name, so a great place to begin.

O for old timey - I have a banjo, but I don't know how to play it.

R for rain - I love it. 

I for Inman Square - where I live(d) in Somerville, MA.  Go to The Druid on Tuesday nights for Irish fiddle session! 

A for alliums - I worked for the USDA in Pullman, WA for a summer collecting fertility data on Middle Eastern onion, garlic, and chive plants. 

N for Nashville - where I hope to end up before 2013 ends.

N for Nativity Show - I toured a puppet nativity show with Free Hands .  Kids love puppets.  Just saying.

A for asking questions - who? what? where? when? why? how?

 (be thankful I'm not including my middle names.  that's right. NAMES.)

Here I am with an Impossible Questions Tour friend in Cuba, NY

Here I am with an Impossible Questions Tour friend in Cuba, NY

for mysteries.

O for "oh my, what am I doing?" - a daily question for me.

F for family.

F for Freedom Art Retreat - I worked with Playwrights Commons to bring artists to the woods for free once a year to make collaborative art.  Shout out to the brilliant artists I met there.  Bitties forever.

A for adventure.

T for Texas - my dog.

T for theatre - my favorite form of storytelling